About Us

We are the only centre in Ireland undertaking applied interdisciplinary mental health and well-being research across the lifespan and in a community context. We also investigate, in all of our research, the role of individual, familial, social, economic and environmental factors in shaping health outcomes. All of our work is unified by a focus on applied, methodologically rigorous, innovative, scientific research aimed at adding new knowledge, impacting policy and practice and ultimately making a difference to, and empowering the lives of, vulnerable/potentially vulnerable adults and children.

Currently, we have 15 research staff, postgraduate students and affiliate members and we collaborate extensively with fellow academics and community-based services/organisations both in Ireland and internationally.

What We Do

  • Develop, implement and scientifically evaluate new services and interventions
  • Measure and appraise outcomes across the lifespan
  • Employ and champion gold standard multiple methods & ‘technologies’
  • Create, disseminate and translate new knowledge to, for example, change attitudes/awareness and inform policy & practice
  • Analyse cost-effectiveness/value for money
  • Develop international collaborations
  • Deliver training & education

We have worked with over 50 scientist & practitioner collaborators/affiliates in an expanding international network including Australia, the USA, Canada, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, GB and NI.

We have produced over 200 mainly peer-reviewed publications including high impact journal articles, ‘gold standard’ systematic review articles, book chapters, books/volumes, commissioned reports and other scholarly articles, plus over 100 conference and other presentations.