Family Talk: Survey 2 (for families)

Children and Adolescents

Thank you for taking part in the PRIMERA research project. The survey below is for children and adolescents (8 years to 18 years) who has already filled in a survey 6 months ago.


Thank you for taking part in the PRIMERA research project. The survey below is for partners who has already filled in a partner survey 6 months ago.

If for some reason you are not able to access the survey, check that you have clicked on the right link. If you are still not able to do the survey, please email


Family Talk Online training 


Clinicians who are interested in offering Family Talk will find a free eLearning training programme at the following hyperlinks:

  • A prerequisite Keeping Families and Children in Mind course (We recommend that this course is done before doing training in Family Talk as it gives a more general grounding to the area of parental mental health difficulties and impact on children)
  • Family Talk intervention training course for clinicians interested in a family-focused approach to families impacted by parental mental illness. A certificate is provided once the course is completed
  • It takes approx. 10 hours in total to complete both courses (to be clear – it takes 10 hours combined, not 10 hours for each course)
  • Following doing the Family Talk training, we advise that clinicians look at the PRIMERA Resource Hub (at the bottom of the webpage). It contains excellent supplementary material on how to identify and work with families impacted by parental mental illness, including: (a) how to initiate conversations with parents, (b) recruit partners and children, (c) psycho-education tip-sheets on different mental illnesses; and (d) includes the manuals for the Family Talk intervention with many other relevant resources.