We have created employment and career development opportunities for over 50 current and previous research staff, junior lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, fieldworkers, placement students & research interns.  We have also recruited and supported high calibre, well qualified Doctoral students, research staff and Centre leaders across several disciplines.

The impact and benefits of our work include the following:

  1. We design and evaluate new and innovative services (together with community partners) that have been delivered to hundreds of families in Dublin, Dundalk, Drogheda and Limerick.
  2. We inform the implementation and scaling-up/roll-out of new services and interventions to communities through unique partnerships between academic scientists, statutory and voluntary service providers, community-based organisations and practitioners.
  3. We have demonstrated the importance of, and informed a significant policy shift toward, evidence-based prevention and early intervention for children and families in Ireland.
  4. We have contributed to the development of innovative thinking on new ‘wraparound’-inspired services for families most in need.
  5. We are internationally recognised for our work on the evaluation of group-based parenting interventions and in emergency mental health science.
  6. We have played a key role in helping to set up and work with five influential national research, policy and practice networks (e.g. Children’s Research Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland, Critical Incident Stress Management Network Ireland).
  7. We have informed national and international policy and practice (e.g. in the field of parenting support, end-of-life care, aging, occupational mental health and mentally disordered offenders).
  8. We promote and build capacity in training and education and we strongly support early career research excellence.