The PRIMERA research team and the HSE Mental Health Division are delighted to host an interactive Masterclass with Dr. Adrian Falkov, a world renowned expert in working with families where a parent has mental health difficulties. The Masterclass is aimed at service providers involved in the implementation and delivery of a family-focused intervention as part of the PRIMERA evaluation and anyone with an interest in promoting a ‘think family’ care delivery agenda for this population in Ireland (service providers, service users, decision makers, other relevant stakeholders).

Topics covered in the Masterclass include:

  • The importance of partnership working in mental health services and interagency collaboration
  • Advice on overcoming barriers/resistance to family-focused practice when a parent has mental health difficulties
  • Guidance about where family-focused practice and policy in the Republic of Ireland should focus its efforts based on experiences in other countries.
  • How to best identify and engage families to the intervention
  • Working with families in sessions
  • The involvement of service-users (with experience of family mental illness).

Further information is available at

This event is free to attend but places are limited so please contact Christine at to join the waiting list.