Other Research

Other current and recently completed research projects are investigating/have investigated for the first time in Ireland (and in some cases, also internationally) the following topics.

  • Mental health and well-being in children and young people (e.g. interventions, risk factors, mathematical learning difficulties, social media in relation to aspects of psychological well-being)
  • Individualised funding/personalised budgets for people with disabilities
  • Policies, systems and interventions/supports for the long-term unemployed
  • Online parenting programmes for families
  • Interventions for older people living at home alone
  • Quality of life and supports for retired emergency services personnel

Communication Skills Training in Health Care Professionals working in end-of- life care

This research investigated the effectiveness of an Advanced Communication and Skills Training Course (ACST) for health care professionals working in palliative and life-limiting care settings.

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Intervening with primary school children to improve their mental health and well-being

This research evaluates the effectiveness and implementation of a mental health and well-being intervention for primary school children called the ‘Buddy Bench Aware Programme’ (BBAP).

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Investigating and challenging social media use in young adolescents

This research investigates the impact of social media on body image and self-esteem in secondary school children.

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Investigating mental health risk factors in children and supporting their mental health through parenting

This research aims to identify mental health risk factors in children and to evaluate an online parenting intervention for improving children’s mental health. 

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Unemployment and mental health and well-being: the ‘EEPIC’ project

The EEPIC study assessed the effectiveness of Ireland’s labour market policy on the well-being and employability of long-term unemployed job seekers.

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Individualised funding for people with disabilities: the ‘EMPOWERABILITY’ project

The ‘EMPOWERABILITY’ project evaluated the development and implementation of ‘individualised funding’ initiatives for people with a disability.

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Systematic Reviews

Our Centre staff and affiliates are currently involved in five Cochrane and/or Campbell Collaboration- systematic reviews which are being conducted in collaboration with national and international colleagues. 

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